Frequently Asked Questions?

  • What is the best way to contact you?
    • E-mail is the best way to contact me, then text message as I teach high school art full-time August through September. My cell phone doe not work in my classroom. It has one tiny window and many teenagers who visit frequently at lunch.
  • Why are your prices not listed on the website?
    • Photo sessions are customized for each client. Please consider your budget which should include the ost of your session feee plus the print media you would like to purchase from the session.
  • Where are my photos printed, matted and framed?
    • I use a professional printer in the state of Maryland. if I can not mat and frame the item myself I will take it to a custom frame shop in southern Maryland. I like to keep it local.
  • What can I do with digital images? You will be given a print license to print the images and share them on social media. As the artist, I retain the copyright to the images and they may not be altered by clients. this is further information on copyright law. https://www.copyright.gov/title17/
  • What do I do if I need to reschedule?
    • Please, e-mail or call as soon as possible. I allow one reschedule at no charge for emergencies. The exception to this is a wedding photography and engagements shoots.
  • Do you ship my products directly to my house?
    • Yes, photos, postcards, and digital media will be shipped directly to the address you specify.
    • What do I do if my photos come damaged? E-mail me and send me a photo of the damage. I will replace the items and personally follow up with the shipping company.